Diamond Anatomy

Are you wondering what a diamond pavilion is, a table or a culet? The graphic and supporting text below explains the various “parts” of a diamond.

  • Diameter – The width of the diamond as measured through the girdle.
  • Table – This is the large, flat top facet of a diamond.
  • Crown – The upper portion of a cut gemstone, above the girdle.
  • Girdle – The narrow rim of a diamond that separates the crown from the pavilion. It is the largest diameter to any part of the stone.
  • Pavilion – The lower portion of the diamond, below the girdle. It is sometimes referred to as the base.
  • Culet – The tiny facet on the pointed bottom of the pavilion, which is the portion of a cut gem below the girdle.
  • Depth – The height of a gemstone, from the culet to the table.


Grading Diamonds and the 4 C`s

Various characteristics of diamonds are graded and categorized by the diamond industry. Learning about diamonds is about the “four Cs”. The four categories are:

Click on each of the items above to learn more about it. These are the criteria jewellers use when grading diamonds and they are the ones you’ll need to understand to buy the right diamond for you.

And then there’s the “Fifth C”:

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