Jewellery cleaning

Jewellery cleaning

Congratulation on choosing Martin Oliva Jewellery.

When buying jewlery you choose it for a lifetime, and for that reason it is worth to care for it to prolong its condition.

Bought your Jewellery in Martin Oliva? Drop it to our boutique in South Woodford for cleaning and checking, this service is completely free of charge then.

To maintain the appearance of your jewellery it is important to clean it regularly, both by yourself, and professionally by the jeweller. Except for the cleaning, there are few things you can do to preserve it:

  • Prevent contacting cosmetics and perfume
  • Moisture your body and hands without your jewellery
  • Avoid wearing jewellery in the swimming pool and sea water, chlorine and salt may affect it
  • Care about your jewellery when it is hot, skin moistens and that increases jewellery tarnishing

Silver becomes darker because it is prone to tarnishing. It naturally oxidises with air or the acids in human skin. Gold, especially 9ct, often includes some amounts of silver; this is why you may also notice black effect in some pieces.

Home Cleaning:

  • Clean your jewellery in warm soapy water, dry it with a soft cloth and rub it with a special polishing cloth to make it shine.
  • You can also use silver and gold dip. Leave your jewellery for a few seconds in the dip, rinse it under the running water in a plastic basin (be careful, this is mild acid that may damage the surface of your sink), and dry with a soft cloth or a hairdryer.

DO NOT USE the dip with:

  • oxidised (blackened) jewellery
  • rhodium plated jewlery
  • pearls
  • gemstones

The dip may affect the jewellery, for example, spoil the rhodium layer, or damage the shine of your stone.

Diamonds and other gemstones:

Maintaining a clean stone is difficult, as jewlery setting may obstruct your efforts. Also, it is unavoidable that grease, and other liquids together with the dust will adhere to the stone. You may clean your stone under the stream of warm water, but we do not recommend experimenting with cleaning solutions, as it is risky to damage your stone. Be careful when you wash your gemstones under the running water, use only warm water. Hot or cold water may cause serious damage to your stone.

Professional cleaning:

It is worth to use the professional cleaning service because of many reasons. First of all, at home you are not able achieve the same effect. Secondly, the jeweller would always check the state of your pieces, tell you about the condition of the claws or notice breakable places.

  • Hand polishing and machine polishing would shine every element
  • Ultrasonic would get rid of the dirt or grease
  • Hot steam would glitter your diamond

We recommend that you bring your jewellery for the professional service once a year.

If you need advice do not hesitate to contact us.


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